What is NUCCA?

Our spinal column’s nerves are extremely sensitive to pressure and tension. When the spine is sufficiently misaligned, the nerves are under stress, their regular impulses are compromised, and the body’s function is altered.

Four major tasks are carried out by nerves:

  • Control and maintain all essential bodily processes, such as breathing, digestion, and circulation.
  • Muscular contractions that enable movement.
  • Give us the ability to sense, perceive, and feel.
  • Connecting us to the outside world through learning, experiencing, and behavior.

NUCCA examines your structure and nerve system

Your thorough medical history, including any prior traumas, car accidents, surgeries, other treatment plans, and other diagnostic tests, including x-rays, are examined at the beginning of the process. Your primary complaints must all be investigated and appraised, including their location, time of start, and severity. Your health objectives and how they relate to your ability to lead the life you love are both important to us. The doctor will next start the procedures required to decide whether you qualify for NUCCA care when this preliminary procedure is finished.

Understanding your unique misalignment

The link between the head and the neck will be the main area of focus for our doctors. The vertebrae below, as well as the upper bone of the neck, the atlas, need to line up with the head. Only a few companies around the world grasp the necessary facts relevant to this crucial area with the accuracy and precision that HealthSmart does.

Leg length disparity is also known as the “short leg” phenomenon

The measurement of the leg length equality will be done while you are lying on your back. Shoulder height, hip height, and head deviation to either side may all be considered when evaluating posture further. Motion ranges can also be measured. Additionally, specialized equipment may be utilized to assess normal nerve function, pelvic rotation, and body weight distribution. Your nervous system’s operation will be carefully examined to identify any potential future health issues that could be prevented with the appropriate treatment. A series of x-rays are obtained if the history and examination suggest a spinal misalignment. It’s crucial to understand that you would only be admitted as a patient if the findings of your consultation and exam show that NUCCA care could help you. Only when care needs to be initiated do the X-rays get taken. The x-ray measurement is used to determine each modification. On the adjusting table, patients lay on their right or left side. The doctor will guide your head and neck back toward a balanced, healthy position by gently touching the side of your neck.

The importance of spinal balance

Physics, biomechanics, and exact mathematical computations are all necessary for the upper cervical adjustment. X-rays are essential for ensuring that the spinal adjustment is precise and effective. Pre-adjustment x-rays will be taken by the doctor from various perspectives, emphasizing on the atlas. The spinal misalignment’s direction, severity, and optimal method of correction are all determined by these x-rays.

Monitoring and Support

You will be closely watched for any changes you may encounter that are related to the healing process because each adjustment experience and healing reaction is specific to the individual. We have emphasized the significance of getting the finest correction on the initial appointment. After your adjustment, the doctor will order x-rays to verify the results. Usually, this is done just after the first correction. We are aware that “the better the correction, the better the chance of recovery.”