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Welcome to HealthSmart!

Only Board-Certified NUCCA Chiropractor in Northbrook, IL

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Staying safe and healthy requires you to take care of your body for your entire life span. Unfortunately, chronic medical conditions, sudden illnesses, or accidents can cause major issues in your overall health. At HealthSmart, we offer chiropractic treatment and pain relief to people throughout the Northbrook, Illinois, community. Additionally, we offer over 65 years of combined clinical experience and are the only NUCCA office worldwide with 3 Board Certified doctors!

We treat a wide range of health issues, from headaches to neck and back pain to nervous system problems. Enjoy safe and affordable care. Seek chiropractic care from the only board-certified office in the region here at HealthSmart.

What’s a NUCCA adjustment?

The atlas, the top bone of the spine, serves as the foundation for NUCCA spinal adjustments. The NUCCA adjustment uses a minimal amount of force. The head, neck, or back are not turned or twisted, and there is no popping or cracking that one might associate with conventional chiropractic manipulations. This technique is excellent for individuals who may be wary of conventional chiropractic methods because there is no thrust involved.

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When I'm in Chicago, I never miss the opportunity to have an overall evaluation at HealthSmart.

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I travel over 2000 miles to get adjusted because my life and health are worth it.

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Our Commitment

We believe in the body’s powerful innate ability to heal itself, and we restore and promote dynamic health for each of our patients by optimizing that innate system.

The NUCCA Adjustment

NUCCA spinal corrections are made from the atlas, the top bone of the spine.

7 Things You Should Know

What you should know in choosing your health care professional.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Back Pain

There are different levels and locations for pain along the back. You may experience problems with movement, constant pain, or sharp, unpredictable pain that can be debilitating. Our chiropractic care works to discover the key reason and location of the issue.

As a chiropractor for back pain, we provide spinal adjustments and restoration of the spine so you can gain full movement again. We address common pain issues and areas to relieve the pain.

Neck Pain

Neck pain can be caused by a variety of reasons. From injuries to holding your neck in the wrong position for too long, these issues can cause minor and major problems. From having difficulty moving your head to nervous system issues, you want to feel like your old self again and require a chiropractor for neck pain.

Here at HealthSmart, we are an upper cervical chiropractic office versed in the common issues that cause neck pain as well as offering chiropractic options to address many health care issues.

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