Community Outreach

For more than 35 years, HealthSmart Business Services has been providing local area businesses with resources to assist their employees in achieving and maintaining health, thereby reducing time-loss from illness and injury.

These services are in-house and turn-key (which means we do all the work) and are provided at no or low cost to the employers. As mentioned, most of these services are at low or no cost to your company. We have found that employees appreciate the Health Fairs and Ergonomics Classes the most, followed closely by the Back Smart Safety Classes.

What We Offer

A Health/Safety or Benefits Fair consists of a minimum of four providers from various fields and disciplines offering free health checks with services such as massage therapy, blood pressure screening, cholesterol, carpal tunnel screening, postural analysis, and ergonomic checks.

Back Smart Safety Classes are specially designed to prevent spinal injuries on the job, thereby reducing the toll on employees and reducing work-loss days. Back injuries cost this country $26 billion dollars a year, according to Newsweek Magazine (April 26, 2004). In this class, your employees will learn how to lift correctly, as improper biomechanics is the primary cause for most industrial back injuries. We will also teach them how to strengthen the spine with simple and easy-to-do exercises, and how to keep the spine supple in just 3 minutes a day.

In the Ergonomics Class, we instruct employees not only in proper lifting, carrying and reaching techniques, but also in how to avoid repetitive stress injuries from activities as diverse as typing, bending, lifting, twisting and other typical office and work-related skills.

We believe that preventative health care is the most affordable kind and strive to promote that message.

Benefits of Corporate Wellness

  • Reduced Healthcare
  • Increased Employee Production
  • Reduced Workers Compensation
  • Reduced Absenteeism
  • Increased Employee Morale

Our Corporate Wellness Services

  • Health Fairs
  • Ergonomic training and evaluation
  • Corporate Wellness Research