7 Things You Should Know

The 7 Most Important Things You Should Know in Choosing Your Health Care Professional


Get Fast Effective Relief

The NUCCA spinal correction addresses the physical stress that causes many health conditions related to structural alignment and a dysfunctional nervous system. HealthSmart also has state-of-the-art examination equipment and procedures to target inflammation and restricted muscle patterns to reduce pain fast.

Insist on Accuracy

HealthSmart is one of 26 Board Certified NUCCA offices worldwide. This distinction is the pinnacle in the education of this unique form of care. There is no other system of health care dealing with body balance, brain stem or neurological function that is as thorough and accurate as the NUCCA system. Through exact refinement in x-ray placement and measurements, cervical vertebral misalignments are mathematically calculated and precisely pre-planned prior to making a correction.

Patient Safety is Paramount

To correct vertebral misalignment of the neck, it must be approached accurately, combined with a gentle and controlled application of care. The x-ray equipment at HealthSmart has been aligned exceeding state and manufacture standards, images are taken using high-speed screens with specially designed exposure limiting filters. These specific alterations we have made to our equipment makes our x-rays safer and more precise.

Gentle and Painless Treatment

HealthSmart’s examination and unique light touch adjusting process allow for custom modifying treatment for each patient. The patient is barely able to feel the spinal correction during the alignment process. Our care never twists, jolts or jars the patient, as some people have experienced with other more common techniques used in Chiropractic.

Cost Effective

By addressing the cause of a health problem, patients can get well faster and stay well longer. Compared to standardized guidelines for care, patients usually require 1/4 to 1/2 of the treatments recommended by many other systems of Chiropractic care. Too often individuals who have become HealthSmart patients have spent thousands of dollars on ineffective treatment prior to finding out the value and importance of having the Atlas Subluxation corrected.

Don't Just Cover Up the Symptoms

Often many forms of care simply are designed to get rid of the pain without correcting the cause of why the body is not healing itself. The pain is the warning system that your body is trying to alert you to pending illness, degeneration, or inflammation. At HealthSmart while patients usually experience rapid pain relief, addressing the cause of their ill health is our primary goal.

A System of Health Care That Supports Your Future Health

Maximizing your own capacity to be well and stay well is where you gain you greatest health benefits. As you keep your body functioning with more of its inborn capacity to manifest wholeness you allow for a compounding trend of healing, repair, and regrowth. Caring for yourself isn’t just about getting out of pain but maximizing your capacity to be whole, vital, and healthy, helping you prevent dis-ease. The stronger your fundamental nerve function is, so is your immunity and energy, then if in the event of a serious health condition you simply can recover faster!