The Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor for Back Pain

At HealthSmart, the Northbrook Chiropractor team prioritizes optimal health, well-being, and quality of life. The number of people who deal with acute or chronic back pain is staggering. Approximately 65 million Americans deal with back pain, and 16 million suffer from persistent back pain.

Our professional chiropractors want to solve this frustrating problem. We address the root cause of pain or tension in your back with a chiropractic adjustment to align your spine. Our NUCCA procedure can eliminate pain, extinguish pressure, and restore a normal range of motion. Read more below on why you may need a chiropractor for back pain, and reach out with any questions.

Chiropractor for Back Pain in Northbrook, IL

What Is Back Pain?

Back pain is a common concern for individuals across the United States. These individuals may deal with any of these issues.

  • A persistent, dull ache in their neck or shoulders
  • Pain along their spine
  • Lower back

People may also experience back pain, sharp, sudden jabs, or burning sensations in any of these areas.

Often, co-occurring symptoms cause back pain to be even more debilitating. Individuals may suffer from headaches, joint or muscle tension, insomnia, and mood disorders.

These conditions can cause further problems if the root problem remains unresolved.

Why Should You See a Chiropractor for Back Pain?

Neck, back, and lower back pain can be challenging to deal with daily. It can hinder the ability to sit, stand, or move easily. It can also prevent sleeping comfortably, carrying out favorite activities, or simply enjoying life.

If these symptoms are left untreated for too long, individuals may experience physical and psychological issues associated with reduced mobility and pain. Also, back pain can lead to permanent spinal injuries, spinal stenosis, nerve damage, and nerve pain.

Unfortunately, traditional medicine may offer an ineffective treatment plan for back pain. Typically, practitioners of traditional medicine may offer pain management through medication and light physical therapy.

Alternatively, we look at underlying mechanical issues at HealthSmart in Northbrook, IL. Our chiropractic treatments can correct spinal misalignment and offer long-term pain relief or reduction.

What Are the Causes of Back Pain?

There are two main types of back pain: musculoskeletal and neuropathic.

Injuries, displacement, and stress to bones, joints, and muscles cause musculoskeletal pain. Nerve or tissue damage can create neuropathic pain. Chiropractors look at the underlying causes of these types of pain to determine an effective plan.

Common reasons for back pain include:

  • Injury from slips and falls, contact sports, or heavy lifting
  • Car accident injuries
  • Age-related degenerative changes to the spine
  • Improper posture while standing, sitting, lifting, or sleeping in awkward positions
  • Inflammation from injury, illness, or chronic disease
  • Excessive or intense coughing or sneezing
  • Weakened muscles due to inactivity or sedentary lifestyles
  • Pregnancy or rapid, sustained weight gain
  • Untreated neck or back pain leading to injury or damage

In particular, these events can cause:

  • Spinal misalignments
  • Soft tissue tenderness
  • Spinal disc damage
  • Ligament tears in soft tissues
  • Muscle tightness or stiffness
  • Muscle spasms
  • Pinched nerve due to pressure
  • Nerve damage
  • Stress fractures or breaks

These injuries can continue to damage the back or radiate to other body areas. In these cases, pain may continue to be dull or may become more intense and constant. As the pain spreads, it will increasingly impact the person’s daily life.

How Can a HealthSmart Chiropractor Help You?

At HealthSmart, our team will perform the NUCCA procedure, the upper cervical technique, to address specific underlying causes and relieve pain. Our board-certified chiropractic office in Northbrook, Illinois, takes your health and your quality of life seriously with effective treatment.

  1. Our professionals begin by taking x-rays of your neck and back. This way, we will have visual material indicating the location and angles of your spinal misalignment. It also provides base comparison material so our team can see changes in your condition.
  2. Next, we will perform the NUCCA technique. We focus on the first vertebrae in the upper cervical spine.
  3. Once we correct the positioning of the C-1 vertebrae, we can restore alignment to the entire spine. As a result, we can positively affect the central nervous system and proper brain stem functioning.

 Northbrook, IL Chiropractor for Back Pain

Whether your pain radiates from your upper or lumbar spine, you can experience immense pain and stress relief from chiropractic adjustments.

If your underlying conditions have existed for a long time, chiropractic treatments may offer relief. In some cases, the process may take some time to be effective. Untreated spinal alignment affects the structure of your spine and influences your entire body.

After we correct the C-1 vertebrae, a powerful spine segment, other systems will respond to your renewed sense of balance. It may take a few days to a few months for any damage to heal completely.

Benefits of a Chiropractor for Back Pain

When back pain seemingly has no source, doctors may only be able to offer pain management. Techniques may include rest, hot or cold therapy, pain-relieving medicine, and physical therapy.

Individuals may seek alternative care such as chiropractic adjustment, an excellent treatment option for those frustrated with ineffective medical solutions.

Our NUCCA procedure shows numerous benefits for people suffering from neck, back, or lower back pain. Naturally, one of the best advantages is pain relief. Research shows that 57% of patients with neck pain receiving chiropractic care experience at least a 75% pain reduction.

Comparatively, only 33% reported pain reduction from medication. Likewise, other prominent studies show treatment can reduce pain and improve function for people with low back pain. This type of care for back pain may also be a long-term solution to pain, as long as the patient keeps up healthy habits and obtains further adjustments as necessary.

Seeing a chiropractor for back pain decreases reliance on pain-management medication. In fact, studies indicate that patients who see a chiropractor as their primary provider reduce their odds of opioid use by 90%. Accordingly, it may be an appropriate option for those looking for natural remedies.

Rely on HealthSmart to Help with Your Back Pain

HealthSmart in Northbrook, IL, is happy to offer practical chiropractic services for alleviating back pain. As the only board-certified office in the immediate area, you can trust that our professional team has your back.

We provide a safe, effective treatment called the NUCCA technique. It works by aligning your head and upper spine, effectively treating the entire spine. The procedure restores balance throughout your body and eases pain immediately or over a few months.

Are you ready to change your life with a chiropractic treatment option? Contact us to learn more or schedule an appointment today.