Our Commitment

Committed To Our Patient’s Long-Term Health

Our patients are convinced HealthSmart is a superior center of healthcare. We believe in the body’s powerful innate ability to heal itself, and we restore and promote dynamic health for each of our patients by optimizing that innate system.

Medical care today focuses primarily on disease management, through the use of drugs, which mask and eliminate symptoms. However, this practice often fails to address the root cause of illness and pain.

The Central Nervous system, which encompasses the Brain and Spinal Cord, is the communications superhighway through which all nerves connect to all body systems. The body’s health is dependent upon the proper and free flow of messages along this superhighway, relating to all functions such as repair, motion, digestion, circulation, etc.

Quality Care

At HealthSmart patient care takes what techniques are commonly used in Chiropractic a step further, by offering the NUCCA system of spinal care. The National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association has led the chiropractic field in research for the past 30 years.

NUCCA research has proven the brain has the ability to balance the spine if the Atlas or C-1 (the first Cervical Vertebra in the neck) is in the proper position. This vertebra is key, because of its pivotal placement adjacent to the brain stem. There are 10,000 mathematical variables regarding the possible misalignment of the Atlas vertebra that can occur. This is a positionally sensitive area with many variables that require the utmost accuracy as there is only one ‘right’ position. This area and the wide range of health concerns that it impacts is the focus of our care.

Through ultra-accurate x-rays, we determine what specific gentle adjustment is necessary to position it ‘right’. This restores proper alignment and balance, supporting the body’s ability to be supremely healthy. This method is a more precise and therefore quicker means to optimal health. Communication flow and healing inevitably follow. We also perform post-x-rays after the initial spinal correction to determine success. (See Body Balance)

Dr. Marshall Dickholtz, Jr., is a second-generation Board Certified NUCCA doctor. He is the director of HealthSmart, and along with all the staff is anxious to assist you in your quest for optimal health and longevity.